This fun and interactive activity is intended to promote the physical health of God’s mission leaders. This is a low pressure event. Participants will be encouraged to get moving in a supportive and friendly way. Whether your motivation comes from improving self, helping your team's score or winning prizes, this event will appeal to you!

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What is a step challenge?


Participants will be randomly assigned to a team and simply get moving! Walk, jog, run…just get going! Participants will keep track of their steps by using a fitness tracker and submit their step totals each week. Each step earns a point! Additional points will be allotted to the team who collectively logs the greatest number of steps each week. Bonus points will be given to teams whose members increase their steps from week to week. Complete rules will be shared with registrants in advance of the event.

Do I need a fitness tracker?


Yes, all participants will need to secure their own devices to keep track of steps. One use use a fitness tracking app on their cell phone or use a wearable device such as a FitBit or the like.  Such devices range in capability and price. You do not need to have anything fancy, a simple pedometer will work. Please ensure your device is known for accuracy. Step totals will be submitted with pictures or the device's total for the week. We will operate based on the honor system.

Are there prizes?



Team prizes will be given to all members of the winning team. We are still acquiring these prize packs and look forward to seeing pictures of the winners unboxing them!

The person who logs the most steps over the course of the challenge will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and will – if they would like to – be interviewed for a feature article in an upcoming ALMA newsletter.